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CNI Dental Tech is the solution from the beginning to the end.

CNI Dental Tech is not a limited set of products and services that restrict our practices to just a few choices. That would only take them part of the way to success. CNI Dental Tech is fluid and holistic, existing to provide IT solutions to dental practices that are ever-changing, expanding and growing, as the very technology that fuels them does the same.
CNI Dental Tech custom tailors our services to our dental organizations. We listen to what they need, then craft a support and services package to exceed their expectations on terms that align with their practice’s goals. CNI Dental Tech possesses the attributes that discriminating clients demand in an IT provider — exceptional quality, superior service and a world-class level of expertise.
CNI Dental Tech has a staff of technicians who are well versed in dental software and equipment as well as overall networking and backup solutions. We make sure your practice is running efficiently and effectively while you work with your patients.
From the beginning to the end, CNI Dental Tech is your IT department. New setup or existing setup, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today for a personalized quote.

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